Streaming Questions

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Streaming Questions

Post by turbo2ltr » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:44 pm

I'm interested in two way streaming. But for now I'm just trying to set up one way streaming

I have confirmed audio through the card works.

I am using the following command to set up the source

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ffmpeg -f alsa -i plughw -acodec libmp3lame  -f rtp rpt://
On the same pi, i use

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ffplay -nodisp rtp://
It works, but there is an underrun every 1/2 second or so and the audio drops out.

I've tried encoding only one channel, lowering the bitrate to 48k, lowering the sample rate to 16khz, nothing seems to make a difference. CPU is at about 50%.

If I try to use VLC (locally) the results are even worse.

Should I be able to stream and decode locally (on the same pi)? Is there enough horsepower?

I tried using media player classic to play the stream on another computer, but I couldn't get it to connect for some reason.

Ultimately I'd probably use gsm or ulaw codecs (eventual source will be mono and limited bandwidth) but I can't seem to figure out how to use those. But that's a separate issue..

Any help would be much appreciated..

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