Using Stereo Soundcard and 3.6" GPIO screen together

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Using Stereo Soundcard and 3.6" GPIO screen together

Post by astralpirate » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:05 pm

Hello, I am trying to see if it is possible to use the audioinjector stereo card and a 3.6" GPIO screen at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

I'm relatively new to linux but have been tinkering for the past year trying to find ways to make standalone MIDI instruments with my Raspberry Pi providing sounds. Before I got the soundcard I bought a 3.6" GPIO screen made by a company called iUniker ( ... UTF8&psc=1) and got it to work with no problems by modifying the /boot/config.txt file and adding a file to the /boot/overlay folder.

The next day I ordered the audioinjector stereo sound card (also on amazon) and when I first tried to set it up I still had the screen attached, and after following the setup directions for the card the screen still worked but the Pi didn't see any soundcards at all.

After that, I removed the screen, installed Rasbian again so I'd have a fresh install, and tried installing the soundcard again, and the soundcard then worked with no issues (it sounds great and has fixed all of my audio issues so far, so kudos on the great work!)

Then I did some investigating and noticed in the /boot/config.txt file that the audioinjector card has a .dtoverlay file mentioned in it, and the 3.6" screen also has a .dtoverlay file mentioned in it, so I wondered if this was the issue, or if there is a conflict with GPIO pins or something else (this is where my lack of experience comes into play). So if anyone has suggestions to get both working, or can explain why it isn't possible, I'd be grateful. Thanks

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Re: Using Stereo Soundcard and 3.6" GPIO screen together

Post by yet_another » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:20 pm

Hello, I have the same problem except my screen is a 3.5 inch LCD of this type I think there may be a GPIO connection clash. I was thinking if using a utility like this would be possible to solve the problem. If anybody had some insight it would be great, I too want to use the raspberry as a portable synth box. :)

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