Pi 3B Solid Red Light after installing Stereo Sound Card

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Pi 3B Solid Red Light after installing Stereo Sound Card

Post by EcoBuckeye » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:13 am

This is sort of a crosspost from the Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting board (link at the end), and I've also shared the question on the Pi Facebook group, but so far I've not come across a satisfactory conclusion. Maybe someone here can give me a little direction?
My son received this Pi for Christmas (Pimeroni kit with RPi branded power source), and it's been working great. He wanted to record his voice to play it backwards in Audacity, so we split the cost of an Audio Injector Stereo Sound Card HAT (that was the deal, anything he wanted, I would cover half of the cost). When it arrived, we attached the HAT and powered-up the Pi, but the red light turned on and nothing happened. I'll go through everything else we've done since to troubleshoot / fix the issue, note I've read the red light sticky:

Removed the HAT, attempted to power up. Red light.
Unplugged everything, including monitor. Red light.
Let it sit unplugged a few hours. Red light.
Let it sit unplugged two days. Red light.
Installed NOOBS on a new Samsung 32 GB SD card after formatting to FAT and c/p the extracted files to the card. Red light.
Installed Raspbian Stretch March build downloaded from RPi website using Etcher after formatting again with SD Card Formatter as suggested. Red light.
Inspected SD card slot. Seems fine.
Tried another 5v power source. Red light.

It's now been down for five days and I'm getting very frustrated, and my son is disappointed. I just don't know what else to do. I'm not an engineer nor a programmer, but usually I can get things to work with enough googling. I'm flat-out stumped and I'd like to know if there's any way I can find out if the Pi itself is broken (without buying a new one, my wife is already mad that there's no warranty on an opened Pimeroni kit after 30 days). I do have a multi-meter, so I'd be open to some guidance if that can help diagnose.
https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/view ... 8&t=211022

Is it possible that the HAT damaged the Pi during installation? Everything attached to the Pi was unplugged, I did not remove the SD card, though.

Thank you, I hope to get back up and running soon!

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