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Arch Linux ARM

Post by RoEdAl » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:52 pm

Just quick note that stereo soundcard works fine on Arch Linux ARM for RPi (playback/record).

Of course one must manually add dtoverlay=audioinjector-wm8731-audio entry to /boot/config.txt file.

As my small contribution to community please look at my audio-injector-utils (Arch Linux package). Currently there are three tools:
  • ainjectorctl - mixer tool, example usages:

    Code: Select all

    ainjectorctl record-from line-in
    ainjectorctl playback-to line-out
    ainjectorctl listen mic
  • ainjectortest - sound card test based on this script designed for headless systems
  • ainjectorchk - script checking if Audio Injector device is visible in the system
Please look also at my iecast-rec project. This is complete example how to broadcast audio (by IceCast) from sound card. arecord is used to capture audio and ffmpeg to encode audio and source IceCast. I do not recomend using ffmpeg to record audio from Audio Injector card. ffmpeg consumes a lot of CPU, arecord is a better choice. This solution works quite well even on old RPi B+.

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