I own 3 Stereo soundcards... one of them just stopped working completely

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I own 3 Stereo soundcards... one of them just stopped working completely

Post by astralpirate » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:17 am

Hello, first off I wanted to say that I think your AudioInjector cards are indispensable for the kind of project I am trying to do with my raspberry pi's (I am trying to make a standalone sequencer/sampler... first with other apps which I have accomplished already, and next using python to make my own app which I am just embarking on now). I now own 3 stereo cards (one on my son's raspberry pi, one on a pi I have set up with a ton of music apps, and one I bought to set up on a spare Pi3), which I only bring up to make it clear that I have plenty of experience setting up and troubleshooting issues with them.

To make a long story short, the third card I bought worked fine for about a week, and one day I turned on my Pi, connected the RCA outs to my audio interface, and there was no audio output at all (in fact the cables didn't even make a buzzing sound when they were being connected as if the audioinjector was getting no power at all or something). I took the same SD card out, put it in my other raspberry pi that has a different stereo audio injector card connected and it worked as expected. Since then I have tried several times to see if the faulty card would work (different back up images, swapping it with the other Pi, etc.) and nothing... as far as I can tell it's dead.

So my question is, I really want to have this third unit work so I can test more ideas on it without disrupting my other stable setup, so is it possible for me to send the unit back to you (bought it on Amazon) and get a replacement or just have it fixed? I think you are doing great work and will continue to support (I plan on buying several more once I make more progress on my ideas), but it would be great to have this faulty unit fixed or replaced before I buy another. Any feedback is appreciated (and if there is some troubleshooting I should do on my end, other than checking alsmixer settings, I am more than happy to try)... Thanks!

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