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How to get started with AudioInjector Zero soundcard

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:29 am
by atilley
So I've assembled my Audio Injector sound card, mounted it on my Raspberry Pi Zero W, installed .deb package and run installation .sh script. If I run aplay -l my Audio Injector is listed correctly. They ran OK without errors. What do I do now?

What I want to do as a test is take the audio input from the onboard electret microphone and then send it out the headphone jack. Once that works, I want to send the output from the microphone for playback on another computer over the LAN using JACK Audio.

I cannot get this to work currently. If I run speaker-test there is no output from the headphone jack and an input/output error occurs.

So please could someone tell me what the next steps of the setup procedure should be to do what I want?