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How do I set the native saample rate on the WM8731 ?

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 6:52 pm
by Yves_S

Like most of you know, the Soundcard has an WM8731 chip inside, which is capable of sampling the signal with various rates, form 8kHz to 96kHz,
As I got the board, it was preconfigured with a sample rate of 48kHz, but I d like to change this to 8kHz or 16kHz.
I tried to downsampling it using Alsa, but sadly I didn´t got the results I wanted...

To change the samplerate I only need to address the Register 8 (found in the Datasheet of the WM8731 on page 49) and replace the values in that register from : 00_0000_0000 to the value 00_0000_1100 , thats all I need, but I don´t know how to access it ...

I hope, that someone could help me to find out, how to change these values :)