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Linux distributions

Post by Steppenwolf » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:26 pm


works the Octo Sound Card with LibreELEC and OpenSUSE Leap?


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Re: Linux distributions

Post by flatmax » Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:05 am

Hi there,

The audio injector Octo sound card uses the standard ALSA Linux subsystem. ALSA stands for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture and is the default audio subsystem for Linux. This means that the Audio Injector Octo shows up as a regular 8 channel audio device on a Linux Kernel and any software which can interface ALSA (most do) can use this sound card.

Assuming that your software you mention aren't Raspbian based operating systems, then you can use this card with those systems. What you need to do is to ensure that you are using the Raspberry Pi Linux Kernel released after Apr 4, 2017, because that is the date from which the Octo sound card was integrated into the Raspberry Pi Linux Kernel. That means any Linux version including and after version 4.9.21. You can use this Linux repository from the raspberry Pi foundation :
You specifically want to use the following release or any release after it (commit 37feaf8095d352014555b82adb4a04609ca17d3f) : ... 609ca17d3f

For opensuse leap, I notice they have raspberry pi kernels which were released late April 2017. As long as these kernels are from the Raspberry Pi foundation's Linux github repository and are post the 4.9.21 linux kernel version, then they should have the audio injector octo kernel module available. Install that kernel module and it should work.

For Kodi/libreELEC, if you can install it within stock Raspbian, then it should work out of the box. If not and you need to build a system yourself, just make sure you are using the correct Linux kernel (>= 4.9.21 from the Raspberry Pi Foundation's github Linux kernel repository) and it should work no problems.

Hope that helps
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