Control Voltage

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Control Voltage

Post by CarlosEma » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:00 am

Here Carlos (musician, piano, elerctronics, composition)

I'm currently developing patches in PureData and MAX MSP to create electronic musical instruments.
I want to get rid of the computer on performance, using any headless CPU and go further on send/receive control voltage to/from analog modular synthesizers using external USB (midi, OSC) controllers.

With a Raspberry PI 3 B+ I'll need multiple simultaneous (8 or more) analog outputs and inputs capable of fine tuning all the range between 0 and 5volts in principle (maybe also good to be able to go from -10 to +10 volts)

Raspberry Pi + Octo Raspberry pi sound card could work very good since I am already sending control voltage through audio signals.

Any suggestion?
Many Thanks

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