Some Qs to see if this octo board will do what I want

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Some Qs to see if this octo board will do what I want

Post by stevenj » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:53 am


I have a need for a portable device that amongst other things runs an e-ink screen with a web page as its outside in the sun for 8~12 hours per day. So a Pi can do this but I also need to run some sort of comms between 3 or 4 users. Hence looking for a "single board" solution and I found this.

a) Can I take 3 or 4 mic inputs and mix them to then go to all outputs (3 or 4 headphone sets?)

b) Can I run something like jack with this?

c) I really need some sort of noise cancelling software to temp take out any noise above a certain threshold (gunshots basically).

d) Possibly send the output across wifi / ethernet to a second pi where there would be second (or even a third pi) with another one of these (each).

From my initial reading I think I might be able to do this with multiple Pi's its the multiple mics and headphones that I am trying to get around.


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