bcd2000 audio card monitoring problem

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bcd2000 audio card monitoring problem

Post by johntimber » Sat May 19, 2018 6:39 pm


I've just tried the UM software, and i found that a good one. But, despite the nice communication and mappemnet between bcd and the UM, i cannot monitore the tracks!In sound cards options there is no way I can set monitor rout and output rout! It is just gievn the option to chooese "directx bcd2000 asio sound driver". So the 3 and 4 channel of bcd2k aren't working, and the monitor sounds apperas in the outputs channels!!Any way to solute that? Cause i like the software, but i will realy not purchase it if works only thius way. It is djing iompossible.

Please help.

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