How to control each output channel independently?

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How to control each output channel independently?

Post by DoubleR » Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:50 am

Dear colleagues,

I am new to the audio programming with ALSA LIB. I am working on a project (C language) where I need to control each output of the octosound card. I have to play different .wav or raw data(as a normal sinus) for each channel.

I am building my project following ... ample.html .

It all works great and I didn't had any problem. Now (as i said) i have to control each channel independently: how can i do it? Dmix is the correct way or there's an easier way? IF Dmix is the right way, someone has a guide?

I tried to use "speaker-test -c8 -t sine -f 500" command and it can use all channel independently (exactly what i need to do). How it works?

p.s.: There is 60mV of noise at ca. 25kHz and 3Mhz(main freq.) in my card, that's pretty ridicolous (over 1V output..). Check your cond. for clean the alimentation next time please :)

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